THURSDAY | 13.10.2022.


STROKE – HEVI and Symposium of Neuroradiology Section of the Croatian Society of Radiologists of the Croatian Medical Association

Moderators: David Ozretić, Vladimir Kalousek
11:00-11:15Development of EVT for stroke in Croatia
David Ozretić, UHC Zagreb
11:15-11:35Thrombectomy – perspective of a neurologist
Zdravka Poljaković, UHC Zagreb
11:35-11:55Review of stroke imaging
Ivan Jovanović, UHC Zagreb
11:55-12:15Current MT technique
Marios Psychogios, Basel, Switzerland
12:15-12:35Distal occlusions
Vladimir Kalousek, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
12:35-12:55Organization of stroke service in Hungary
Istvan Szikora, Budapest, Hungary


14:15-14:25UHC Split - experiences and challenges
Dragan Dragičević, UHC Split
14:25-14:35UHC Osijek - experiences and challenges
Tajana Turk, UHC Osijek
14:35-14:45UHC Mostar - experiences and challenges
Gojko Bogdan, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
14:45-14:55Discussion and conclusions
14:55-15:10 Satellite symposium | sponsored by Medtronic
Mechanical thrombectomy and revascularization devices - back to the future!
“A difference you can feel with precision you can see”
David Ozretić, UHC Zagreb
15:10-15:30Live in the box – Acute stroke | sponsored by Medtronic
Vladimir Kalousek, UHC Sestre milosrdnice

15:30-16:00Coffee break


Moderators: Majda Vrkić Kirhmajer, Vinko Vidjak, Tomislav Meštrović
16:00-16:15Veins and pulmonary embolism - Opening and introduction
16:15-16:35 "State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of acute and chronic venous thrombosis
Karlo Novačić, UHC Zagreb, Polyclinic Venes
16:35-17:05Case presentations and interventions
16:35-16:45Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy using the Clottriever device in the treatment of acute iliofemoral DVT
Luka Novosel, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
16:45-16:55Endovenous revascularization of chronic iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis with May-Thurner syndrome
Karlo Novačić, UHC Zagreb, Polyclinic Venes
16:55-17:05Mechanical thrombectomy with "clottriever" in proxymal DVT - first experience
Tomislava Bodrožić Džakić, UH Dubrava

Moderators: Velimir Pivac, Maja Hrabak Paar, Mislav Vrsalović
17:05-17:25"State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of acute pulmonary embolism
Luka Novosel, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
17:25-18:40Case presentations and interventions
17:25-17:35AVNRT in ER - totally bening condition?
Marijan Pašalić, UHC Zagreb
17:35-17:45Quad and shock - what do they have in common
Nikola Crnčević, UHC Split
17:45-17:55Mechanical thrombectomy in intermediate-high risk PE: access site troubleshooting
Aleksandar Blivajs, UH Dubrava
17:55-18:05Examples of pulmonary embolism patients treated with endovascular mechanical thrombectomy
Luka Novosel, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
18:05-18:25Live in the box - Pulmonary embolism | sponsored by Boston Scientific
Slobodan Obradović, Belgrade, Serbia
18:25-18:40Satellite symposium | sponsored by Boston Scientific
Acute pulmonary embolism
Slobodan Obradović, Belgrade, Serbia

20:00Faculty dinner


FRIDAY | 14.10.2022.

09:00-09:30Opening HEVI 2022 - Multidisciplinary meeting of the endovascular medicine


Moderators: Joško Bulum, Zvonimir Ante Korda, Hrvoje Gašparović, Vjekoslav Tomulić
09:30-09:45Thoracic aorta - Opening and introduction
09:45-10:15"State of the Art" – Endovascular treatment of thoracic aorta
Igor Končar, Belgrade, Serbia
"State of the Art" - Surgical treatment of thoracic aorta
Zvonimir Ante Korda, Magdalena Clinic
10:15-10:35Live in the box - Thoracic aorta
Joško Bulum, UHC Zagreb
10:35-11:40Case presentations and intervention
10:35-10:50My recommendations and expirience in TEVAR with the short proximal landing zone
Rupert Horst Portugaller, Graz, Austria
10:50-11:00Endovascular repair of „frozen elephant trunk“ deployed in false lumen
Ivica Šafradin, UHC Zagreb
11:00-11:10Part 1. TEVAR – safe and simple
Vjekoslav Tomulić, UHC Rijeka
11:10-11:20Hybrid repair of a traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the aortic arch
Josip Tica, Magdalena Clinic
11:20-11:40Live in the box - Thoracic aorta | sponsored by Pharmamed
Marco V. Usai, Münster, Germany

11:40-12:10Coffee break



12:10-14:00PART ONE
Moderators:Petar Brkić, Tomislav Krpan, Tomislav Krčmar
12:10-12:25Femoropopliteal interventions - Opening and introduction
12:25-12:45"State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of femoropopliteal arteries
Silva Breznik, Maribor, Slovenia
12:45-13:05 Satellite symposium | sponsored by Abbott
Personalized treatment and care for my patients beyond intervention
Lorenzo Patrone, London, UK
13:05-13:25Live in the box - Femoropopliteal intervention | sponsored by Abbott
Dražen Perkov, UHC Zagreb
13:25-14:00Case presentations and interventions
13:25-13:40New evidence for use of drug-coated technology in femoropopliteal artery
Leyla Schweiger, Graz, Austria
13:40-13:50CLI and „off-the-label“ atherectomy
Vinko Vidjak, UH Merkur
13:50-14:00Leave nothing behind can be successful approach in SFA/PA
Jernej Lučev, Maribor, Slovenia




15:00-16:30PART TWO
Moderators:Nino Tičinović, Björn Dario Franjić, Krešimir Gabaldo
15:00-15:30Satellite symposium | sponsored by B. Braun
How lesion preparation and drug delivery could help to undress the full metal jacket in femoropopliteal lesions
Ralf Langhoff, Berlin, Germany
Potential benefits of spot and focal stenting (in combination with DCB) over full metal jacket
Nicola Troisi, Pisa, Italy
15:30-16:20Case presentations and interventions
15:30-15:40Lesion preparation and spot-stenting
Tajana Turk, UHC Osijek
15:40-15:50Recanalization of bilateral complex calcificed occlusions of the SFA using a vascular mimetic stent
Ivana Jurca, UHC Zagreb
15:50-16:00Endovascular femoropopliteal intervention – „Is ABI useful tool for appropriateness“
Domagoj Mišković, GH Slavonski Brod
16:00-16:10The role of Directional Atherectomy in endovascular treatment of femoropopliteal segment
Borivoje Lukić, Belgrade, Serbia
16:10-16:20Combined approach for femoropopliteal recanalisation
Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) in management of acute thrombotic lower limb ischemia
Matija Pajić, GH Pula
16:20-17:05Satellite symposium | sponsored by Sandoz
Peripheral arterial disease in focus
Moderator: Dražen Perkov
Panelists: Krešimir Štambuk, Vinko Vidjak, Majda Vrkić Kirhmajer, Mislav Vrsalović


17:05-18:05Highlights in EndoVascular Interventions
Moderators: Krešimir Štambuk, Tomislav Jakljević
17:05-17:15SUPERSURG Study - Latest Update | Abbott
Lorenzo Patrone, London, UK
17:15-17:25Future in BTK treatment and research available for DRS | Abbott
Lorenzo Patrone, London, UK
17:25-17:35Five year results of the In Pact Global Study | Medtronic
Jernej Lučev, Maribor, Slovenia
17:35-17:45Role of Drug-eluting Technologies in Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment (RANGER II SFA Trial: Long Lesion Cohort and EMINENT Clinical Trial) | Boston Scientific
Tomislav Krčmar, UHC Zagreb, UHC Rijeka
17:45-17:55Recent studies on the use of sirolimus technology in the treatment of peripheral arteries in 2022
Ivan Brižić, UHC Zagreb
17:55-18:05 Impact of IVUS-Derived Vessel Size on Midterm Outcomes After Stent Implantation in Femoropopliteal Lesions
Domagoj Mišković, GH Slavonski Brod

20:30 HEVI Dinner


SATURDAY / 15.10.2022.



Moderators: Andrija Škopljanac-Mačina, Irzal Hadžibegović, Tomislav Krpan
09:00-09:15 Aortoiliac interventions - Opening and introduction
09:15-09:35"State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of aortoiliac arteries
Vladimir Cvetić, Belgrade, Serbia
09:35-10:45Case presentations and interventions
09:35-09:45„CHIMNEY“ CERAB
Damir Halužan, UHC Zagreb
09:45-09:55A new technique of reconstruction of aortic bifurcation CERAB
Tomislav Krpan, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
09:55-10:05"Romantic rendezvous" - peripheral pelvis CART
Saško Nikolov, Štip, Makedonija
10:05-10:15Endovascular treatment of aortoiliac thrombosis
Hrvoje Kojundžić, GH Varaždin
10:15-10:25Iliac artery aneurysm and oclusion - open and close
Luka Rotkvić, Magdalena Clinic
10:25-10:45Live in the box - Aortoiliac intervention | sponsored by Inspiremed
Krešimir Štambuk, Magdalena Clinic

10:45-11:15 Coffee break



Moderators: Damir Halužan, Hrvoje Palenkić, Dražen Perkov
11:15-11:30Critical limb ischemia (CLI) Interventions - Opening and introduction
11:30-11:50 "State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of critical limb ischemia
Vinko Vidjak, UH Merkur
11:50-12:10 Live in the box - CLI intervention | sponsored by Mark Medical
Dražen Perkov, UHC Zagreb
12:10-13:00Case presentations and interventions
12:10-12:20Comprehensiveness of IR at the CLI
Darko Blašković, UH Merkur
12:20-12:30Safari technique for recanalization of the femoropopliteal artery
Nino Tičinović, UHC Zagreb
12:30-12:40Endovascular treatment of SFA occlusion in critical limb ischemia - „When inflow is enough“
Krešimir Gabaldo, GH Slavonski Brod
12:40-12:50IVL of the peripheral arteries-effective weapon against calcification
Andrej Pal, Graz, Austria




Moderators: Predrag Pavić, Tonći Batinić, Tomislav Jakljević
14:00-14:15Abdominal aorta and iliac arteries - Opening and introduction
14:15-14:35 "State of the Art" - Endovascular treatment of abdominal aorta and iliac arteries
Csaba Csobay-Novak, Budapest, Hungary
14:35-14:55 Live in the box - Abdominal aorta and iliac arteries CHEVAR | sponsored by Siemens
Tomislav Krpan, UHC Sestre milosrdnice
14:55-16:15Case presentations and interventions
14:55-15:05Redo-EVAR still leaking
Alan Jelić, Magdalena Clinic
15:05-15:15Long-term follow-up after EVAR – reinterventions
Nermin Lojo, UHC Zagreb
15:15-15:25Part 2. EVAR – safe and simple
Tomislav Jakljević, UHC Rijeka
15:25-15:35Zenith bifurcated iliac side branch device
Tonći Batinić, UHC Split
15:35-15:45Endoanchor technique for symptomatic juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm in highly comorbid patient
Petar Zlatanović, Belgrade, Serbia
15:45-15:55Takayasu arteritis type IV
Gojko Bogdan, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
15:55-16:15Live in the box Abdominal aorta and iliac arteries | sponsored by Bormiamed
Theodosios Bisdas, Athens, Greece


16:15-17:15New Frontiers in EndoVascular Interventions (NFEVI)
Moderators: Dražen Perkov, Tomislav Krčmar
16:15-16:25Vascular Closure Next Generation | Abbott
Hrvoje Remenar, Abbott
16:25-16:35Supera, sizes matter | Abbott
Hrvoje Remenar, Abbott
16:35-16:45Abre - Deep Venous Self-expanding Stent System | Medtronic
Marta Ramirez, Madrid, Spain
16:45-16:55Intravascular Ultrasound for Peripheral Endovascular Interventions | Boston Scientific
Tomislav Krčmar, UHC Zagreb, UHC Rijeka
Hrvoje Mlinarić, Boston Scientific
16:55-17:05The reliable partners - supporting your peripheral success | Terumo
Ivana Jurca, UHC Zagreb
17:05-17:15Mechanical atherotrombectomy system: Use of RotarexS in multiple scenarios from acute to chronic | BD
Sergio Rudilosso, BD
17:15-17:30Closing of HEVI 2022